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January 25, 2008


Chris Lester


I've done some further work on Bianchi: he's based in San Rafael, Mendoza having arrived in Argentina from Italy in 1910; he's quite well known for his sparkling wines; and, in El Chalten we tried a very bad example from his quite large offering of ok wines.

In the next day or so I'll try to post a full review of all of the Malbecs and other wines we tried in Argentina. I started writing this on the week-end - it brought back lots of very fond memories of our time together in Argentina.

I was quite unwell last week, perhaps owing to going cold turkey on beef and Malbec. I think I'll be back on the horse in a day or two.

V and I shared a bottle of the Catena Alamos Chardonnay last night, which is very cheap in London and not bad. A poor man's Yerring Station Chardonnay.

Take care, and very best of luck with the new jobs.


Brian Nguyen

Hi Chris,

We are still waiting for your review of the Bianchi.

We really enjoyed hanging out with you and V and sampling Argentina's gastronical finery.

Sitting here now enjoying fresh pasta and a Yarra Valley pinot noir after having planted our new herb garden. Yes, we have developed an strong appreciation for culinary delights.

Off to Dan's now to look for quality Malbecs from Mendoza which excludes the Bianchi.

Looking forward to your comprehensive review of all the wines we sampled in Argentina.

Hasta luego
B & H
Melbourne, Australia

PS Don't forget to advise us of 'the date' soonish. Even 'the month' or 'the continent' will help!

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